The Gardner Denver

DuroFlow® Family of Products


For over fifty years, Gardner Denver DuroFlow positive displacement blowers/vacuum pumps have combined leading-edge technology and on-the-job experience to continuously deliver enhanced designs and improved performance.


Experience the DuroFlow Advantage—high output and high efficiency at a competitive price. Ideal for a variety of applications, including: cement, plastic resins, grain, dry bulk chemicals, fly ash, sand, pulverized limestone, sugar, and flour. DuroFlow features compact design and high power-to-weight ratio which delivers up to 3 cfm per pound of bare machine weight. That keeps your hauling capacity up and your costs down. Advanced two-lobe design mounts anywhere you need it – horizontally or vertically, rotates in either direction. DuroFlow is extremely durable and built to last, with double-row ball and heavy-duty roller bearings throughout, along with hardened, forged steel gears.


Easy Installation

DuroFlow blower can be installed up to 50% faster than other makes. A simple installation kit is available, plus special optional silencers. No modifications or special rigging needed, just a drive line and a recommended PTO.


Step-Up Gear Option

Allows DuroFlow blowers to operate at the same high output. But you can use lower PTO speeds. That means you use less fuel to do the job.


Simple Field Servicing

To keep your downtime down, DuroFlow blowers are a breeze to maintain. And with the complete bearing-andseal kits, off-the-shelf parts and assemblies, overhaul is quick and easy too.



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